Our Goal

The art of pole dancing is not only about grace, beauty, and routine. It can be an

amazing way to get the sexy, toned, and flexible body you have always wanted.

In our yoga classes, we work out every part of the body a pole dancer uses.

The best part is that when you are learning and completing routines it wont even feel like exercising because you will be having so much fun. At Fun and Flirty Fitness we will provide a warm, inviting environment for all of our customers.

We have flexible schedules, membership options, and day passes that will help meet our customers convenience. Be free to express yourself and build your confidence and self-esteem.

Everyday should be filled with happiness, let us help you get there. Pole Fitness is a fresh and fun way to get healthy exercise in without it feeling like work.

We will offer classes from beginners to advance which can help place you in the level that is comfortable to you and allow you to progress at your own pace.

The classes will teach you the art of pole dancing that can help make you stronger, feel sexier, and help build self confidence.

The classes begin with professionally trained instructors that show you the steps to this fitness program from warm ups to full routines.

There are memberships that can offer discounted prices and a variety of schedules that you can plan around your needs.


There are many variations of classes available for a great fun workout.


There are many benefits to Pole fitness and Yoga to help boost self-esteem and confidence.


Be fierce. Be you.

Physical & Mental Wellness

Our instructors strive to encourage enthusiasm and motivations for individuals wanting to learn and grow physically and mentally.

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